Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

ArkwrightCo is an informative platform with blogs on technology, health, and parenting. We have created this page to reveal the detailed Privacy Policy. We appreciate your trust in our team, and we aim to protect your data privacy. Thus, before visiting other pages of our site, you must agree to our policies.

Our policies apply to information gathered and processed by ArkwrightCo via our software, devices, APIs, and other general interactions. Moreover, they clarify your rights, data collection, data usage, and safety measures.

Information that ArkwrightCo collects

The type of personal data processed by us may vary with how you have interacted with us. However, the major categories of data that we gather are.

  • Contact details, including your name, email address, postal address, and mobile number.
  • Other relevant information- social security number, IP address, driver’s license number, and government-issued ID card number for access and authentication
  • Financial data- Bank account details for any transactions 
  • Geolocation data- We like to know the geographic region where you access our site.
  • Demographic details- Gender, age, national origin, marital status, citizenship status and other relevant information.

Sharing your data

ArkwrightCo will share the data with affiliated brands and business partners. However, we will take your consent before sharing your information with others. ArkwrightCo also works with media, which includes some affiliates and services. Thus, we may need to share data with them. Moreover, we are bound to share information for legal reasons. 

In any case, when ArkwrightCo has involved itself in the acquisition, merger, and sale of its assets, you will receive an email notification. In addition, we will notify you in case of transferring ownership.

Sources from where we collect data

We will gather some details when you try to interact with others using our services and platform. Moreover, while uploading, storing, and posting content, you provide information to our team. 

We can analyze and store the communication details. It includes both the outgoing and incoming details of your mail. It enables us to deliver, personalize, and develop different features.

While you use our services and navigate our website, we will check your watch history, search queries, viewed pages, and other information. 

You may have signed up for our premium services, and in this case, we will collect information during your registration process. For instance, we will collect relevant data when you conduct financial transactions on our site.

Our cookies also collect some important information. For example, we like to know how you are using our services. Furthermore, we collect your IP address, mobile service, and other details. These details are useful for providing personalized services.

Generally, we gather contact details by connecting directly to you. However, we have some passive sources of collecting information. Our browser cookies will automatically collect your device details and website interaction details. In addition, we have trusted third parties that can provide information about you. Our company also gains access to some publicly available information. 

ArkwrightCo controls the personal data that you have submitted to us. Thus, we will identify the purpose and decide how to process your personal data. By agreeing to our Privacy Policy, we must acknowledge that you consent to process your data. The term- processing is about the use of cookies on any device and the use of information in some ways.

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When you have concerns about the lawfulness and accuracy of our data, you can restrict us from processing your personal data. You may request us not to send any messages from our side.

We think also that you have the right to control your data. That is why we enable you to manage the information submitted to us. You can review some other things like search history, marketing preferences, location history, and account details. Thus, you do not need to be concerned after providing data to our team. 

Our security measures to protect your data

We implement industry-standard measures to stay consistent with the relevant security and privacy laws. Our goal is to protect data from getting disclosed. Our technical and administrative safeguards are highly reliable. We ensure no unauthorized access to your data. Our team has implemented the best technology to make the website secure for visitors and users.

Our website contains links that redirect you to third-party content. Our team does not control the content published by third parties on their websites. Moreover, they have different privacy policies. That is why we request you to read their policies before using their websites. 

Retention of your data

We retain, access, use, and store information to maintain a relationship with you for a particular period. We have followed laws to impose our data retention policies. 

Our website will not collect unnecessary data, and we always use your personal data genuinely.

However, we need to retain

  • Transactional data
  • Data for security purposes
  • Data for internal use 
  • Data to protect our website visitors from illegal activities

However, we ensure that we will never sell your data.

So how do we use your information?

There are different purposes for collecting the information-

  • Our team uses the data to maintain and provide better services. The data enables us to refine the features and design of our site. 
  • We will fulfil your request while you have permitted us.
  • We also analyze your data and the content you have provided to you.
  • Our team will need to submit data to our advertisers and publishers. We like to give information about the latest offers. Our promotional messages will be useful for you.
  • We use data to create an analytical report. 

We can detect and defend unlawful, abusive, and fraudulent activity using your information. You may manage and control it based on your preference. 

You must carefully go through our Privacy Policy page before using our website. We may need to update our policies at any time without sending any prior notice. Thus, you must read them every time you navigate through our platform.